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marione ❤: Cowgirl
  1. Cowgirl

    I love THURSDAY because this is the day usually free from school works but filled with  business works(SweeTetite). I usually have appointments with other people in the business world during this day so I make it a point to dress AND impress. :) But last Thursday, it seemed like I have all the time in the world to spend for leisures and pampering so I called my good friend Ishiebee to chill and watch Unofficially Yours! Yee! It’s a good movie, I tell you! Here’s what I wore for my chill good Thursday!


                                                        Bayo bangles


                                                           Janilyn black wedges


                                                      NO makeup day! sorry :3

       TOPSHOP Longsleeves | Queen (bazaar shop) leopard jeggings


                                         I was just so sleepy when we took this photo. :3

    BAYO Bangles | TOPSHOP longsleeves | Queen leopard jeggings | Janilyn wedges 

                                        These brought the cowboy effect! Tantararantantan!


    This outfit was so comfy that I almost wanted to jump and dance in the mall. crazy. Who would have thought that a cowboy/cowgirl can wear leopard printed jeggings while tending his or her cattles! :3

    Thanks to my favorite boy in the world, Roldan, for taking these photos!

    kisses, Marione